Custom Carpentry Services

Carpentry is the process of working with wood. Some carpenters do framework in the construction industry, while others work at making things around a home out of wood. There is general carpentry work and custom carpentry services. If you love the look of wood and want to incorporate wood into your home, you may find yourself wondering what types of items general carpentry and custom carpentry services can create in your home. Here are a few of the various items that carpenters can create.

General carpentry and custom carpentry services typically create many of the woodwork and wood items that you find in a home. General carpentry may include things such as fireplace mantles, wood flooring, wood doors and the door framework, framework around windows, baseboards and moldings. Custom carpentry services typically create custom pieces for your home. This may include custom bathroom or kitchen cabinets, shelves and bookcases, custom built-ins, and furniture, such as benches, tables, bed frames and coffee tables. Any type of item that can be made from wood, whether it is trim in a home or a separate piece of furniture, a carpentry service can create.

Whether you are looking to restore an old home and add wood trim and carvings back in, are looking to add character to a newer home, or want custom cabinets to maximize the odd shape or size of your kitchen or bathroom, steel roofing, general carpentry and custom carpentry services can work with you to make your vision a reality. Here at Manitoulin Timber Frames, our experienced carpenters can create any item out of wood that you can think of. Reach out to us to discuss your project and let us create mock-ups and help you to bring your vision to life.

What Are General Carpentry and Custom Carpentry Services?

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