A new project is always exciting. A successful new custom home build needs thoughtful planning and detailed costing. You have ideas that you've been thinking of for a while, and the possibilities are inspiring. Where to start?

Step 1:
Get In Touch

Once you’ve decided to make your dream a reality, give us a call or send an email.​ We return every phone call, email, and text message – that’s a promise!

Step 2:
Initial Meeting

Following our initial conversation, we will book a time for an in-person or a virtual face-to-face meeting.​

We will discuss any plans or conceptual designs that you may have, ensure that your budget is adequate for your project, and listen to what you have in mind.​

We will take detailed notes so that nothing gets missed or forgotten.

Step 3:
Preliminary Design Agreement

We have specifically created a Preliminary Design Agreement to give you an initial, rough idea of how the building will look and approximately how much the project may cost.

To start, we will create a conceptual 3D model of the building in full colour, with views from different angles. Our very realistic 3D model will describe the project better than a thousand words could.

We will also schedule a visit to your building site to understand how the building will fit into the landscape.

We will not solicit any quotes from our sub-contractors, suppliers, or engineers at this stage.

Instead, we will draw on our knowledge of the industry to arrive at ballpark amounts and present you with an estimate (not a quote) based on the concept drawings.

In case you decide not to proceed further than this stage, you get to keep all the drawings, estimates, and revisions that we created for you.

Step 4:
Pre-construction Planning Agreement

If you would like to nail down the cost and specifications, we will sign a Pre-construction Planning Agreement. Under it, we will engage a draftsperson we work with to create a complete set of construction drawings. If we are designing a traditional timber frame, we will forward these drawings to a licensed structural engineer. We work with an engineer specializing in wood-framed buildings, specifically knowledgeable in environmentally-conscious building practices and the proper use and design of traditional mortice-and-tenon joinery.

At this stage, we have your building site professionally surveyed, test holes dug, and have the load-bearing soil test completed, if necessary.

Once we have fully completed drawings on the table, we will develop a comprehensive, fixed-price quote for the work scope. A fixed-price quote means that we guarantee that there will be no unexpected cost overruns or extra charges to you. No unexpected invoices, no surprises.

We will keep in regular contact with you throughout the entire process to never leave you wondering what stage the progress is at. You will always know what to expect next and when to expect it.

We can either act as general contractors for the entire build or provide the planning services and the structural timber frame. The degree of our involvement is entirely up to you.

If you decide not to proceed further, you get to keep all the documents that we created for you and use them at your discretion.

Step 5:
Preliminary Design Agreement

Once you are happy with the plans and the quote and would like to get started, we will prepare a comprehensive fixed-price contract for the defined scope of work.

The contract will describe the work to the utmost detail and outline the warranties and guarantees you can count on. It will also clearly define the timeline to be expected, change order process, cancellation and delay policy, and payment schedule.

Step 6:
Manitoulin Timber Frames Starts Your Project

Once the contract is signed and a down payment is received, we will block out a construction slot in our schedule and reach out to our sub-trades and suppliers with specific instructions.

Because we have done our homework and made all the selections and decisions beforehand, you will know what the plan is and how your project will look when complete. We will provide you with regular progress updates and job-site photos during the entire construction process.

This way, you are never left wondering what is happening on site.Our process eliminates miscommunication and delivers value at every step.

Step 7:
Manitoulin Timber Frames Completes Your Project On Time and Within Budget!

As the project nears completion, we’ll conduct thorough inspections and any necessary final adjustments to guarantee that everything is perfect. Upon completion, we’ll take you through a final walkthrough to ensure your total satisfaction with every detail of the construction. We pride ourselves on punctual project completion and staying within the agreed budget, allowing you to enjoy your new build without any unexpected delays or costs. Celebrate the realization of your dream as you step into your new space, crafted exactly to your specifications.

Ready to discuss your next project?

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