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What Happens During a Consultation With a Carpenter on Manitoulin?

If you are looking to hire a carpenter on Manitoulin Island, you may soon discover that many carpentry companies offer a free consultation. You may also discover that it may be a while until the meeting actually happens. You may also discover that many carpenters are reluctant to give you a written quote, and even fewer will take the time to draw up a comprehensive contract. What is a promise worth in a modern world if it is not on paper?

At Manitoulin Timber Frames, we pride ourselves in sticking to our word. If we make an appointment, we show up. If we make a promise, we are willing to write it down, and we expect to be held to our promises.

If you have not worked with a carpenter before, you may have no idea what happens during the initial consultation, what the process is, and what you should be prepared to discuss during the meeting. The initial consultation sets the stage for a long-term relationship between you as a client and us as your builders, so it is important that we both come prepared. Here is what typically happens during a consultation.

During an initial consultation with a carpenter at Manitoulin Timber Frames, the biggest thing that happens is discussing your project. We will want to know what you are looking to hire a carpenter for and what you need help with. We actively listen to you talk about the project, and take notes to make sure nothing is left out. Main information that we need at this point is the scope of the project, and what budget you have. Many people are not comfortable talking dollars at this early stage. The reason we need to bring this up so early in the conversation is to make sure that your budget is realistic. If you have any pictures that you may have cut out from magazines or screen shots that you may have taken from online home renovation forums or websites, it is important to bring those with you to the meeting. If you have any floor plans, even drawn by hand, these will also be very useful at this stage. This gives us an idea for the vision that you have when it comes to the project that you are looking for.

When you are looking online to hire “a carpenter near me” or a “Manitoulin carpenter”, Manitoulin Timber Frames can help you. Schedule your free consultation with us today!

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