Timber Frames

The Advantages of Timber Frames

One of the biggest decisions that you have to make when you are working with a builder on Manitoulin is what material to build your new home out of. The framework creates the base that the rest of your home is constructed on, and can affect how long your building lasts and the types of maintenance it needs. There are many advantages to timber frames versus frames made out of regular lumber, steel, brick or concrete. Here are a few of the advantages of traditional timber frames:

One of the biggest advantages associated with timber frames is that timber is a natural material and it is the only truly sustainable resource used in construction. No other resource is renewable like trees are . More trees can be planted, to help ensure we are not depleting the forests and ensure there is quality timber available for future generations.

One of the lesser known advantages to timber frames is that timber has fire-resistant properties that outperform steel. Tests conducted by The Timber Framers Guild in the US have shown that large timers (8″x8″ cross section and up) develop a charcoal “skin” during a fire, which acts as an insulator. Thus, timbers maintain their structural integrity longer than steel I-beams during a fire!

It is also very easy to insulate around timber frames. Many people believe that timber won’t last long, but timber typically outlasts both metal and concrete framework when it is properly installed and maintained. As long as the foundation is solid and the roof and walls are watertight, there is no reason why a timber framed home should not last over 800 years. You’ve read it right: 8 centuries and up. Many buildings in Europe, such as cathedrals, barns, and residences, constructed with the same techniques we employ at Manitoulin Timber Frames have stood for over 800 years.

One more advantage to building with solid timber is that it is easy to get timber on Manitoulin Island and it is easy to work with timber. Large trees (30″ diameter and ever larger) are readily available in the forests of Northern Ontario.

Selecting a timber frame is just one of the decisions you need to make when building a new home or building. Selecting a builder on Manitoulin is another big decision you need to make. Here at Manitoulin Timber Frames, we would love to work with you. Contact us today to get started!

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