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Manitoulin Timber Frames specializes in traditional timber framing. Using traditional hand tools and cutting-edge digital technology, we create unique, environmentally responsible, and beautiful structures that will last many generations.

About Us

Our Core Values

Our workmanship is our pride. Every timber frame we set on your property is etched with our name and reputation (figuratively, of course.) We tell you upfront what we can do and the price for doing it. And then we complete it when we say we would.

 We pay careful and undivided attention to details. We perform each task with accuracy and precision. We report for work on time and render a full day of labor without fail. We are immensely hardworking, reliable, honest, and self-reliant. We are and do all these whether or not our clients are on site. 

We are constantly learning and improving.

Life is not static. The construction industry is not static. New technology is always introduced to make our work more efficient. Our clients, as well, present novel challenges with each project. We accept them wholeheartedly, thinking on our feet at all times.

We extend unconditional respect to everyone.

That includes our clients and the planet.​ You alone know the purpose of having your building, or any part of it, designed and built. Our goal is to make your dream tangible and create a structure that will stand the test of time. We thrive on your trust that we understand exactly what you want and implement it the way you envisioned. We’ll also offer recommendations to upgrade your idea from great to magnificent.​ At the same time, we are extremely careful with the way we conduct our work. 

We support our local community.

Community projects are important to us. We take pride in supporting our local Provincial Parks, donating to charities, and volunteering at community events, like the Annual Tehkummah Seed Exchange.

Sustainable Sourcing

Every material we harvest from nature is ripe and ready for the picking. Nothing goes to waste and no unnecessary stuff is added.

Our team

For traditional timber frames, we work with a licensed structural engineer who specializes in wood-framed buildings, is highly knowledgeable in traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery, and implements environment-friendly building practices.
Our reliable team also includes the best local subcontractors and suppliers.

George Kopylov


Red Seal Carpenter since 2008

Certified House Designer in Ontario since 2022 (BCIN 123234)

Soft-spoken and with a calm demeanour, George is known around Manitoulin as an Earth-friendly traditional carpenter. He is also well travelled – he was born in Moscow, grew up in Toronto, studied in Ontario and Montreal, and explored the Americas from Alaska to Argentina.

Over three years, George completed an apprenticeship with Timmerman Timberworks, a custom design heavy timber construction company that works on residential and commercial structures throughout Canada.

The following two years saw George work in traditional carpentry in the UK.

He passed the Red Seal Carpenter examination in 2008, and holds a trade certification acknowledged in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Today, George lives with his wife Anastasia and son Vasily in Tehkummah. He started Manitoulin Timber Frames, where traditional skills, methods, and philosophy meet cutting-edge technology in seamless synergy.

Read more about George in this June 2021 article of The Manitoulin Expositor.

Anastasia Eranosova

Office Ninja

Anastasia’s vibrant journey from Russia to Canada has imbued her with a deep appreciation for creativity and craftsmanship. Arriving in 2002, her adventures across the Americas as a seasoned gardener not only honed her skills but also sparked her entrepreneurial spirit. This path led her to establish her own eco-friendly gardening company on Manitoulin Island, reflecting her profound commitment to sustainability and her passion for nurturing the environment.

In her newest venture into the world of timber framing with Manitoulin Timber Frames, Anastasia brings her extensive administrative skills and her innate ability to inspire creativity and decision-making. Her involvement is pivotal in steering the company towards innovative heights, leveraging her background to enhance both the aesthetic and sustainability aspects of their projects.

Alongside her professional pursuits, Anastasia enjoys a fulfilling personal life. She and George, having been partners since 1998, share a deep bond and commitment to their community and environment in Tehkummah, where they live with their son Vasily. Together, they embody the spirit of collaboration and sustainability that she champions, making her an invaluable member of the Manitoulin Timber Frames team and her community.

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